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Luke  ◦   Chapter 12

1As a crowd of many thousands gathered and were pressing in so tightly they were stepping on each other, Jesus began speaking to his interns. He said: "Be vigilant. Guard your minds from being infected with the yeast of the legal theologians and Pharisees, who teach loyalty to God's kingdom of love while practicing Satan's methods of selfishness.2One's true character always comes out: there is no secret sin that won't be revealed, or hidden defect of character that won't be exposed.3What you have said in darkness will be heard in the light, and the secrets whispered in soundproof rooms will be broadcast for all to hear.

4"Oh, my friends, I tell you plainly, don't let fear of those who can kill the body stop you from sharing the Remedy. That's all they can do, for they can't damage your psyche — your soul, your individuality.5But I will tell you what you should fear: Fear unremedied sin, which not only damages your body but sears your conscience, warps your character, and has the power to throw you into a miserable hell. Yes, this you should fear.6Consider the sparrows, are not five sold for less than a couple of pennies, regarded by men as almost worthless? Yet not even one sparrow is lost without touching the heart of God.7He even knows the number of hairs on your head! So don't live in fear, for you are worth infinitely more than a sparrow.

8"I tell you the truth: Whoever unites themself with me before humanity, will be united with the Son of Man before the angels of God.9But whoever severs themself from me before humanity on earth, will be severed from me before the angels of God.10Anyone who speaks against the Son of Man can still be healed, but calling the Spirit of God 'the spirit of Satan' cannot be healed, for such a belief closes the heart to the Spirit who works in the heart to administer the Remedy.

11"When you are summoned to appear before church boards, political authorities and national rulers, don't worry about what to say, or think you need a speechwriter,12for the Holy Spirit enlightens your minds and gives you the words to speak."

13A man in the crowd called out to Jesus, "Doctor, command my brother to divide his inheritance with me!"

14Jesus answered, "Man, it is not my mission to act as arbiter between you and your brother."15Then he said to the crowd, "Stay alert! Be on guard against selfishness and greed, the value of a person's life is not determined by how much wealth they possess."

16Then he told them this parable: "The farm of a rich landowner produced an abundant crop.17He thought to himself, 'This is more than I can store, what should I do?'18So he decided, 'I know, I will tear down my barns and build bigger ones to store up all this wealth.19And then I'll say to myself, "You have wealth — plenty of reserves for years to come. Relax and enjoy the good life."'

20"But God enlightened him to reality: 'Oh, you foolish man! Don't you realize that tonight you will die? Then who will get all your wealth?'

21"This is what happens to those who — motivated by fear and selfishness — store up wealth for themselves but don't become rich in God's love."

22Then turning to his interns, Jesus said: "Therefore I tell you, do not worry about how the future will turn out, about where your next meal will come from, or with what to clothe your body.23Life is not built to operate on the survival-of-the-fittest principle — constantly seeking to get food for yourself, or wear the latest fashion.24Look at the ravens: they don't worry about planting, or harvesting, or storing food in barns or silos, because your heavenly Father is constantly giving of himself to feed them. You are infinitely more valuable than the birds!25Who of you by worrying has added even a single hour to your life?26If your worry can't do this simple thing, then why worry about the rest?

27"Look at the lilies of the field: they don't sew or weave, yet I tell you that Solomon in his most magnificent robes was not dressed as one of these.28If that is how God clothes the grass in the field, which is here today and gone tomorrow, will he not do much more for you? Oh, how you trust him so little.29Stop worrying all the time, saying, 'Oh, where will we get groceries? What is there to drink?'30The pagans, who don't know God, are constantly preoccupied with getting for self and seeking to survive at all costs. But your heavenly Father knows all your needs and longs to provide them,31so seek first to live in harmony with God's kingdom of giving and all your needs will be met as well.

32"Don't live in fear, fear is part of the infection of sin and turns your mind to self. It is your heavenly Father's pleasure to give you his kingdom of love.33So live to give, sell what you don't need, and give to bless the less fortunate. Let your hearts cherish and hold to love and therefore be like a purse that won't decay, filled with an eternal treasure that will never run out, and which no thief can steal.34For what you treasure most is where your heart is.

35"Be dressed and prepared to serve; keep your minds alert and your hearts burning with the desire to help,36like people eagerly anticipating their lord's return from a wedding reception, who, when he knocks, they instantly open the door for him.37It will be a joyful day for those servants who are prepared and watching for their lord to return. The truth is, he will have them sit at the banquet table, and he will serve them.38It will be a joyful day for those servants who are prepared and ready when their master arrives, even if he arrives in the middle of the night.39Understand the importance of being ready: If a homeowner knew the exact time a thief was coming, they would not have been unaware and their house would not have been burglarized.40You must live in a state of readiness because the Son of Man will return at a time you don't expect."

41Peter asked, "Lord, did you tell this parable for us, or for everyone?"

42Jesus gave this answer. "Who then is an intelligent and wise manager — one qualified to share the Remedy effectively in order to nurture the master's staff?43It will be the most awesome experience for that aide when the master returns to find them reliably doing so.44Truly, that aide will be trusted with all the master possesses.45But what if the master’s aide is self-centered and says to themself, ‘The master has been gone a long time, and who knows when he will return?’ and rather than nurturing the staff, they berate, abuse and mislead them, and then go and use the master’s resources to party with gluttons and drunkards?46That aide will be totally surprised, caught completely unaware, on the day their master returns. The master will let that wicked servant go, cutting their relationship and casting them out with all the other counterfeits and frauds who have peddled false remedies.

47"The aide who understands the Master — his design, the problem being addressed, and how to apply the Remedy — and either doesn't heed his instructions or applies a false remedy will suffer many blows: a guilty conscience, warped character, damaged reason, broken relationships and ultimately, a destroyed soul.48But the one who doesn't know about the Remedy or how to apply it and therefore doesn't share it, or applies a false remedy will suffer few blows–regret, disappointment, and grief. The more you are given, the more you possess to share with others; the greater your abilities, the more gifts you have to give away.

49"I have come to ignite the fire of truth and love upon the earth, and oh how I wish it were already an inferno!50But I have a mission to complete, and the pressure on me to complete it is overwhelming.51Do you think I have come to make peace with this selfish world? Absolutely not! I have not come to make peace with selfishness but to cut selfishness out of the hearts of people.52From now on, those who choose the Remedy will cut dysfunctional family ties, and a family of five will be divided — two against three and three against two.53Love will free a son from selfish loyalty to his father's ambitions and feuds, and a father from the selfish exploits of his son; love will sever a daughter from the control of an oppressive and manipulative mother, and a mother from the selfish demands of her daughter; love will cut through the fear and hostility a daughter-in-law has toward her mother-in-law, and mother-in-law toward daughter-in-law."

54Jesus turned to the crowd and said: "When you see storm clouds rising, you instantly say, 'It's going to rain,' and it does.55And when the wind comes from the south, you say, 'It's going to be another hot day,' and it is.56Imposters! If you can interpret the signs of earth and sky, then how is it you don't understand what is happening right now in earth's history?

57"Why can't you decide for yourselves what is right?58If an adversary has sued you, do all you can to settle the dispute before you get to court, or the judge may find against you and turn you over to law enforcement who will throw you in prison.59If that happens, you won't get out until you have paid back every cent you owe."