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Luke  ◦   Chapter 21

1Jesus looked up and saw the wealthy putting their large donations into the collection basket, and2then he noticed a poor widow putting in two tiny coins.3"The truth is," he said, "this poor widow has given more than all the others.4Everyone here gave donations from reserves they'll never use, but this woman gave what she couldn't afford; she gave all she had to live on."

5Some of the interns were proudly talking about the beauty of the temple, its costly stones, and gifts dedicated to God. But Jesus said,6 "The time is coming when everything you see here in this temple complex will be destroyed. Not one stone will be left on another — it will all be rubble."

7With great urgency, they asked, "Please, Doctor, tell us, when will this happen? And what signs will warn us when it is about to occur?"

8He replied: "Keep your minds alert, and think for yourselves so you are not fooled. For many will come using my name, some even claiming to be me. Others will warn, 'It's the end,' but don't follow them.9There will be wars and revolutions before the end, but don’t be frightened — the end is still to come."

10He continued, "One nation will attack another, and kingdoms will war against each other.11Earthquakes will be more severe and frequent, famines and diseases will occur in different parts of the world, and storms and cataclysms will be so horrible that it will seem like the sky is falling.

12"But before nature starts unraveling, religious leaders will persecute and beat you. They will take you before religious tribunals, condemn and imprison you, drag you before kings and governors–all because you value my character and distribute my Remedy.13This will give you an opportunity to reveal the truth to them.14Don't make pre-planned speeches, or worry what you will say in defense of yourselves,15for I will enlighten your minds with wisdom and give you the words to speak so that none of your adversaries will be able to contradict you.16Your own parents, siblings, relatives and friends will betray you, and some of you will be killed.17Everyone who loves the survival-of-the-fittest principles of this world will hate you because you reveal me.18But don’t fear! No part of you–not even a hair from your head–will be eternally lost.19By standing firm in love, you gain eternal life.

20"When you see armies surround Jerusalem, know with certainty that its desolation is at hand.21That will be the time for those in Judea to flee to the country and hide in the mountains. Anyone in the city needs to get out, and those in the country need to stay away.22For this is the time when Jerusalem is abandoned to reap what it has chosen, and will be decimated in fulfillment of all that has been written.23It will be awful for pregnant women and nursing mothers! The pain and suffering of the people and the violence against them will be terrible.24They will be killed by sword, imprisoned, and scattered throughout the nations of the world. Jerusalem will be governed by those who reject the Remedy, until the time of those who reject the Remedy is complete.

25"The sun, moon and stars will give evidence of the nearness of the end. The planet earth will begin to destabilize, the governments of the world will become worried and struggle to find ways to save the planet, but the oceans will become unstable and the storms increase.26Humanity will become frantic and frightened, terrified by what is happening to the world, for it will seem as if the laws of nature are unraveling.27At that time, the Son of Man will be seen in the sky powerful and glorified.28So when you see these events happening, don't get discouraged; instead, stand tall and look to heaven with confidence, because final delivery is very near."

29He gave them this example: "Remember the lesson of the fig and other trees:30You know that when the buds form and leaves sprout, summer is near.31Likewise, when all of these things transpire, realize that the end is very near.32The truth is, this sinful race will not pass away until all these things happen.33This atmosphere and the earth's surface will pass away, but my word is eternal.

34"Guard yourselves: Be careful what you become attached to lest your hearts become so tied to amusement, sports, soap operas, movies, alcohol, drugs, investments, properties and careers that you become trapped, and the opportunity to sever ties to this selfish world passes you by.35The time of decision will come to every person who lives on the face of the earth,36so stay aware of what is actually happening, and ask God for the wisdom, strength and renewal of heart to make it safely through all that is going to happen, and to enable you to stand before the Son of Man."

37Every day he taught in the temple, and each evening he went out to the Mount of Olives;38and the crowds came out early each morning to hear him at the temple.