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2Corinthians  ◦   Chapter 4

1Therefore, since God, in his great mercy, has called us to be part of his spiritual health-care team, we don't get discouraged or give up.2Rather, unlike so many religious leaders, we reject secrecy, politicking, back-door deals, conniving, manipulating, deception, and we don't make the word of God difficult to understand. On the contrary, we present the truth simply, plainly and openly so that everyone can understand, and in God's sight, decide for themselves if this is not so.3But if the good news that we present about God's healing Remedy is veiled by confusion, it is only veiled in the confused minds of those who reject the truth and are dying.4Satan, the god of this pagan age, has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so they don't see or comprehend the truth about God — his methods and principles as revealed in Christ, who is God's very thoughts made audible and visible.5We do not promote ourselves, but we promote Jesus Christ as Lord; we are here to serve you for Jesus' cause.6For God, who said, "Let light illuminate the darkness," made the light of his being shine into our hearts to enlighten us with the intimate knowledge of his glorious character as revealed perfectly in Christ.

7We carry this precious Remedy within these frail human bodies made of dirt to show that the supreme power to heal our characters is from God and does not originate in us.8We are under constant pressure but are not crushed by it. While we often don't understand the immediate reason for the stress, we don't get discouraged, because we know the ultimate outcome.9We are attacked by the enemies of love and truth but are never left without friends. We may suffer injury, but we are not destroyed.10In this defective body, which tempts to selfishness, we surrender to die to self–as Jesus did–so that the perfect life of Jesus may be fully revealed in us.11For we who are alive are only alive because we surrender to die to selfishness–for Jesus' cause–so that his perfect life may be reproduced in our decaying bodies.12Therefore we die to self in order to bring you the Remedy of Jesus–that his life may work its healing power in you.

13It is written, "I am confident in it; therefore I share what I know." With that same attitude, we are confident in what Jesus has done, and we tell what we know.14We know that the one who raised the Lord Jesus from the dead will also raise all of us together in his presence.15All of this is for your healing and restoration so that the Remedy that is reaching more and more people will transform hearts and cause a greater overflow of thanksgiving to glorify God.

16That is why we don't get discouraged. Though our bodies are aging and wasting away, our hearts and minds are growing more like Jesus' every day.17Therefore the momentary pain and discomfort that come during the healing process is insignificant when compared to the results of eternal perfection.18We keep our minds focused–not on the day-to-day immediate struggles, but on the eternal outcome of reunion with God. For what is seen today is temporary, but the unseen future with God is eternal.