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2Corinthians  ◦   Chapter 10

1With the gentleness of Jesus, I humbly implore you to stay faithful. I understand that some are misrepresenting me as two-faced: "soft, uncertain, and insecure" when in your presence, and "confident, assertive and direct" when not around you.2I am begging you not to be fooled by gossip about us, so that I won't have to spend time speaking out against the distortions (as I expect to do with those who believe the rumors that we live by the selfish standards of the world).3Remember that even though we live in the world, the war in which we are engaged is not like wars the world fights.4We don't use worldly weapons designed to kill the body or destroy physical structures, nor do we use the world's weapons of lies, distortion, manipulation, deceit, flattery, coercion, sanctions, or trickery. On the contrary, our weapons are from God and have divine power to free the mind, heal the heart, and demolish Satan's stronghold of fear, lies and selfishness.5We demolish every idea, argument, doctrine, teaching or concept that infects the mind and distorts or obstructs the truth about God, and we reclaim the thoughts, feelings and attitudes into the truth about God as revealed by Jesus Christ.6We stand ready to bring discipline to bear to help break destructive habits so that maturity and health will be fully realized.

7Look at the evidence right in front of you: If anyone is confident that they have taken the Remedy and been united with Christ, then examine the evidence of the methods you live by and remember that we have taken the Remedy and are united with Christ.8For I am not ashamed to boast about the responsibility the Lord has given me to bring you the Remedy in order to heal you; not to damage you further.9So understand this clearly: I am not trying to frighten you with my letters!10I know some people try to undercut my ministry by saying, "He writes well and his letters are dynamic and inspiring, but his speaking skills are weak and his presentations are boring."11These people need to remember that the truth we present in our letters is revealed in the way we live, and is the same message taught in our lectures.

12But we would never try to compete with others who are merely promoting themselves. Those who spend their lives in competition with others for the best reviews, highest ratings and greatest popularity on the speaking circuit are foolish.13We won't waste our time boasting about ourselves, but will boast about God's kingdom–the power of his Remedy and how it has changed your lives.14We are not making empty boasts or claims without evidence, because we have presented the Remedy to you, and your lives have been changed by it.15Nor do we misrepresent the work of others. We hope that as you continue to heal, more opportunities to work among you will open16so that we may spread the Remedy into new communities beyond you. We never want to rest feeling satisfied by the work done by others — 17No! Let our pleasure and delight come from what the Lord has achieved,18for it is not the one who claims to be healthy who is recognized as healed, but it is those whom the Lord has healed who are recognized as actually being healthy.