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2Corinthians  ◦   Chapter 13

1This is my third visit to you, and — as the Scriptures say — every accusation must be confirmed by the testimony of two or three witnesses.2When I was with you the second time, I warned you of the dangers of selfishness. Now, while I am away, I repeat this warning. Understand this: When I return, I will not ignore those who live in selfishness and are not partaking of the Remedy.3I will intervene aggressively–since you insist on evidence that Christ is speaking through me–for Christ is not weak in his ability to heal the heart from selfishness. He shows his healing power among you!4While he surrendered all his strength when crucified, he now lives in the fullness of God's life-giving power. As Christ was weak in his ability to save himself at the cross, we are weak in our ability to save ourselves. It is by God's life-giving power that we are made alive with Christ in order to serve you.

5Look inward and examine your heart motives to see whether you have been renewed and genuinely trust God. Test yourselves to see if you really do love others more than self. Don't you realize that the perfect character of Christ Jesus is being reproduced in you by the Spirit–unless of course you fail the test and discover that selfishness still rules your heart?6I truly hope you will see that we have not failed to love others more than self.7We ask God to protect you from yourselves so that you will not live selfishly–not so that people will think well of us, who brought you the Remedy, but that you will get well even if we seem to get worse.8For we cannot change the truth; we can only effectively deal with it.9In our weakness we rejoice, to see you strong, and we pray continually for your complete restoration to Christlike perfection.10It is for your good that I write this: the authority the Lord has given me is for your healing, not for your destruction. I certainly hope you will apply Christ's Remedy now, so that I won't have to apply painful treatments when I arrive.

11Finally, my friends, I say goodbye. Strive to experience the perfect character of Christ, think carefully about what I have said, be united in heart, live in peace, and the God of love and peace will be with you.

12Greet each other with Christlike love.13All Christ's spiritual health-care team members send their love and encouragement.

14May the Remedy achieved by the Lord Jesus Christ, and God's love, and the presence of the Holy Spirit, be yours!