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1Corinthians  ◦   Chapter 6

1If any of you has a disagreement that you cannot resolve on your own, why would you take it before the ungodly–to those who don't understand God's methods and principles–to get their evaluation and resolution? Why not take your dispute to members of the church who have renewed minds and godly wisdom?2Don't you realize that the saved will discern the right and wrong of the entire world? And if you are to discern the right and wrong of the entire world, are you not competent to figure out trivial matters?3Do you not realize we will even look into the lives of angels and evaluate what they did? How much more should we be able to rightly discern things of this life!4Therefore, if you have disputes, appoint as arbiters any members of the church who have Christlike character, even if they are not in leadership.5I say this to shake you out of your confused thinking. Is it really possible that there isn't one person among you wise enough to negotiate a dispute between believers and bring them back to unity and love?6But instead, one brother goes to court against another–and all of this fighting in front of those who don't even believe in God's unifying love!

7The very fact that you have lawsuits among you is evidence that selfishness has already defeated God's love in your hearts. Why not let love reign, and forgive the wrong? Why not, rather than fighting back and filing lawsuits, allow yourselves to be cheated and trust God with the outcome?8Instead, each of you selfishly retaliates and cheats and exploits–back and forth, brother against brother, sister against sister.

9Don’t you know that those who stay solidified in selfishness will not be part of God’s kingdom of love? Don’t be deceived: Neither the pornographers, nor those who idolize false conceptions of God, nor self-centered spouses, nor those who use sex to make money, nor selfish homosexuals,10nor thieves, the greedy, addicts or drunkards, nor gossipers or cheats will be part of God's kingdom of other-centered love.11And some of you were just that. But your minds have been washed in the truth about God that Jesus brought, your hearts' motives and attitudes have been set right with God, and your characters have been cleansed to reveal the character of Jesus Christ our Lord by the working of God's Spirit.

12Some say: "I am free to do everything"–but not everything is healthy. I am free to do everything, but I will not do anything that destroys my autonomy and takes away my freedom.13Overeating engorges the system, leading to disease and decreased autonomy. While God created food for the stomach and the stomach to digest food, we are not to be slaves to appetite, for everything touched by sin — such as food and our mortal stomachs — God will eradicate and replace with perfection. The body is not made to gratify sensual appetites and sexual immorality, but to be a temple for God.14By God's power our Lord was raised from the dead, and by God's power we will also be raised.15Don't you realize that your bodies contain your brain, and through the electrical circuits of your brain you are connected in union with Christ himself? Should I take that which is now a living conduit for Christ and join it to a prostitute? Never!16Don't you understand that anyone who unites themself with a prostitute causes brain changes that increase lust and emotional attachment to the prostitute? For it is said, "The two will become one." This weakens the connection to Christ.17But the person whose mind is joined to Christ experiences unity with Christ, which purifies their heart and renews the character to be like Christ’s!

18Recoil and flee from sexual immorality! Don’t you realize that sexual sin is different from every other sin? Human sexuality is sacred. It not only reveals Godlike love and creative power, but is designed to bond beings together in unity. Those who sin sexually not only misrepresent God, but damage their own brain (body) and its ability to bond, thus undermining their unity with Christ.19Don't you comprehend what is happening? Your brain and body are designed as a complete unit to be a sacred temple for the Holy Spirit who comes from God and lives within you–intimately, in a bond of sacred love. You are not a self-originating or self-sustaining being: you belong in intimate connection with God!20It cost God an infinite price to restore this connection with you, so let God and his love be revealed in the way you treat your body.