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1Corinthians  ◦   Chapter 5

1Unbelievably, it has been reported that there is open sexual immorality among you, even worse than what pagans practice: a man has his own father's wife!2And some of you are proud? What are you thinking! Shouldn't your hearts have been broken in sadness and remorse? Should you not have disciplined this man and woman, and if they persist, put them out of your fellowship?3Even though I am not physically there with you, I am with you in heart, and I have already–just as easily as if I were there–diagnosed the ones who did this as being out of harmony with God's methods.4When you assemble, with hearts and minds in harmony with our Lord Jesus, knowing that I am with you in heart and that the power of our Lord Jesus is present,5call this man and woman to account, and if they refuse to repent, abandon them to their own choices, so that — in reaping the consequences of choosing Satan’s kingdom–their flesh will suffer, and they will recognize their error and have a change of heart before it is too late, and thus be saved when the Lord returns.

6Your pride and bragging is destructive. Don't you realize that yeast is a symbol of sin, and it only takes a little to spread through the entire batch of dough?7Get rid of old yeast–the old selfish methods–so you, as you are, may be a new batch without pride or selfishness. For Christ, our Passover meal, has already been prepared for us to partake of.8So don't celebrate the feast as bread raised up with selfishness and arrogance, but as humble flat bread, free of selfishness and pride–pure bread of truth and love.

9Previously, I wrote instructing you not to associate with sexually immoral people.10Obviously, I didn't mean non-church members who are immoral, greedy, cheats, or pagans. If that were the case, you would have to leave the world.11So let me clarify: You must not fellowship with anyone who claims to be Christian but practices sexual immorality, is dominated by greed, cheats, worships false gods, is an addict or alcoholic who refuses treatment, is a swindler, or a gossip and slanderer. Don't even go to lunch with such a person.

12What business is it of mine to diagnose those outside the church? Are we not to diagnose those inside to determine who is participating in God's Remedy and is well enough to serve others?13God will diagnose those outside the church. "Expel from among you the one who insists in practicing Satan's methods, yet claims to represent Christ."