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1Corinthians  ◦   Chapter 16

1In regard to donations to help God's people, I recommend that you do what I told the Galatian churches:2On the first day of the week, each person should assess their finances and set aside the appropriate sum in keeping with their income. Save it, so that when I come, there will be no need to take up a collection, as you will have your donations ready.3When I arrive, I will give letters of introduction for the persons you have selected to deliver your gift to the church leadership in Jerusalem.4If it seems best for me to go to Jerusalem at that time, then they will go with me.

5My plan is to come to you after going through Macedonia.6It is possible that I may be able to spend the winter with you, and you can help me prepare for the journey to my next destination.7When I come, I don't want to just pass through; I want to spend time with you if it is in the Lord's plan.8But I will stay at Ephesus until Pentecost9because, even though an incredible opportunity for me to spread the truth about God has opened, there are many who are opposing me.

10If Timothy visits you, make him welcome and secure in your love, for he is spreading the Lord's Remedy to sin and selfishness, just as I am.11No one who wants the Remedy to sin should refuse to accept him, but rather support him and send him back to me in peace. I am looking forward to seeing him and his Christian friends.

12Also, I have strongly encouraged Apollos and his Christian friends to visit you. He didn't think it was necessary, but will come when his schedule permits.

13Watch out for ideas that distort the truth about God as Christ revealed. Stand firm in your trust in God, be courageous for the truth, and be strong;14and do everything in other-centered love.

15You know that Stephanas and his family and staff were the first in Achaia to accept the Remedy to sin and selfishness, procured by Christ. They have joined God's spiritual health-care team and are devoted to spreading the Remedy to sin, and to serving others wherever they go. I urge you, brothers and sisters,16to also embrace the Remedy of Christ, to follow their example, serve others, and work to spread God's Remedy to sin.17I was so happy when Stephanas, Fortunatus and Achaicus arrived, because having them near brings my heart closer to you.18They have rejuvenated and encouraged me, just as they encouraged you. Such men deserve our support, encouragement, and appreciation.

19The churches in Asia send their love and affection. Aquila and Priscilla, and the church that meets in their home, also send their love.20All the Christians here likewise say hello and send their love. Be sure to always greet each other with love and a big hug.

21I, Paul, write this greeting in my own hand.

22Those who do not love the Lord refuse the only Remedy to their terminal state and will inevitably experience the curse of unremedied sin. Oh, come quickly and heal us all, Lord Jesus!

23The gracious presence of the Lord Jesus be with you.

24I love you all in Christ Jesus, Amen!