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Titus  ◦   Chapter 3

1 Remind the people that since the church is founded upon God's kingdom and is not to spend its energy on politics, they should be law-abiding citizens,2 not badmouth government officials, be polite and live in peace, and demonstrate genuine appreciation for all human beings.

3 At one time, we were consumed by the infection of selfishness and our thinking was fear-based and irrational; we were rebellious, our minds were filled with lies and distortions, and we were in bondage to our emotions, passions, and lusts. We lived in constant threat assessment and in conflict with others; we were envious, hating, and being hated.4 But when our God and Savior appeared with the kindness and love of God,5 he healed us — he procured the Remedy. We could not do it ourselves, neither have we contributed anything to the cure. He did it because of his compassion. He heals us through the work of the Holy Spirit who cleanses our hearts and minds6 by taking what Christ achieved and generously reproducing it into us,7 so that — having been regenerated to be right in heart by the Remedy Christ achieved — we actually receive eternal life.8 This is the truth. I want you to make this truth clear, so that those who have partaken of the Remedy and trust God will focus their resources on doing good; for living in harmony with the law of love is healthy for everyone!

9 But don't get caught up in ludicrous theological debates over salvation by having the right family tree or legal salvation models, because these cannot heal the mind and are actually damaging.10 If someone tries to promote these distortions, warn them about the futility of these false remedies, and then warn them again. If they refuse to listen, don’t keep spending your energy on them, as they won’t benefit by it.11 You can be sure that such a person is damaged and selfish beyond healing; they remain terminal by their own choice.

12 I will be spending the winter in Nicopolis, so please come to me there as soon as Artemas or Tychicus arrives.13 To help Zenas the attorney and Apollos on their journey, please supply whatever provisions they need.14 Those who have partaken of the Remedy must learn to live in harmony with the law of love — to be productive in order to have something to give, and not find themselves as takers.

15 Everyone here sends their hugs. Give all our friends there a big hug from us. Our love to you all!