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Titus  ◦   Chapter 2

1 Teach what is in harmony with God's design for life — built upon solid evidence, not upon superstition.2 For instance, teach the older men how to live in harmony with the laws God built life to operate upon: to be respectable, self-governed, strong in the understanding of the Remedy, and filled with love and courage.

3 Likewise, teach the older women to live in harmony with the law of love–not to misrepresent God by gossiping, and not to be drunkards.4 Then they can be competent role models and teachers to the younger ladies, teaching them how to love their families5 by effective self-mastery, healthy boundaries, pure actions, diligence in duties, gentleness, and humble appreciation of their husbands' Christlike leadership, so that no one will devalue the Remedy provided by God.

6 Also, lead the young men to obtain self-governance.7 Show them by all you do what Christlike character looks like in action. Teach with simplicity and candor so that even the children can understand. Make the lessons real8 and practical, built on solid evidence that cannot be refuted, so that those who oppose the Remedy may be silenced because they have nothing to say that can disprove what you are teaching.

9 Teach slaves to see beyond this present reality — to the principles of God's kingdom — and serve their masters with love: seeking to honor them, without rebelliousness,10 and with honesty and complete trustworthiness, so that in everything they do they may reveal the beauty and attractiveness of God's kingdom of love.

11 God's Remedy for the healing and restoration of all human beings has been achieved and is available to everyone.12 It transforms us and replaces the desire for selfishness, worldliness and lust with selfless love, self-governance, and the ability to live Christlike lives right now13 while we await the joyful Day when our great God and Savior — Jesus Christ — appears to take us to be with him.14 He surrendered himself in order to heal us from all selfishness and to cleanse and restore for himself human beings who are healed back into God's original design, in complete unity with his character and methods of love, eager to do what is right and good.

15 These are the life-changing truths you must teach. Be confident as you apply the truth to encourage and correct, and don't be intimidated by anyone.