Philippians  ◦   Chapter 4

1 Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters–you whom I love and have worked so hard for, and whom my heart yearns over–your healing has brought me joy, and your salvation is the crown of my life. So stand firm in your confidence in the Lord, my dear friends!

2 Euodia and Syntyche, in light of all that God has done for you, please put aside your differences and be reconciled to each other in love!3 Syzygus, my faithful co-worker, will you please help these women work out their differences? They have worked closely with me in promoting the good news about God as revealed in Christ, as did Clement and the others working with me, whose characters, identities and individualities are saved in God's book of life.

4 Revel in the Lord and in all that he has freely given you. Yes, rejoice in the Lord and in all he is and provides!5 Live reasonably, revealing goodness and gentleness in everything you do, for the Lord is very near.6 You don’t need to worry or fret about anything: with a thankful heart, just talk to God about all your concerns, troubles and stresses,7 and God's peace — that is beyond words and human explanation — will fill your minds and strengthen your hearts as you trust totally in Christ Jesus.

8 Finally, my dear brothers and sisters, if you want to cooperate most effectively with God for the healing of your mind, then always choose the truth, hold on to what is honorable, pursue everything that is right and reasonable, practice whatever is healthy, love everything that is pure, embrace whatever is lovely and beautiful, promote whatever is good, and — if there is anything that is truly excellent or worthy of praise–fill your minds with such things.9 Put into practice all that I have taught you or whatever you have learned from watching me, and God will never let you go.

10 I am filled with such joy as I see how your concern for me has increased, because I know that the power of God's love is transforming you. I know how concerned you have been for me, even though in the past you had no opportunity to show it.11 I am telling you this not because I need something from you–not at all! I have learned the peace and contentment that comes from being united with Christ, regardless of current circumstances.12 You see, I have had times of extreme deprivation of the most basic earthly comforts as well as times of great richness. I have learned the secret–the secret to real peace and contentment in every situation, regardless of circumstance, regardless of whether I'm hungry or well fed, regardless of whether I am rich or poor.13 The secret to real peace and contentment is an abiding trust in Christ — realizing that my strength comes from him; and through the peace, strength, wisdom and perspective that Christ gives me, I can handle whatever happens.

14 Having said all this, it is still true that I have appreciated your willingness to share in my troubles.15 Even more — as you Philippians well remember, back when you were just learning the good news about God — when I had just left Macedonia, you were the only church that actually kept in touch with me regarding what was needed to promote the spreading of this healing message.16 I remember well that when I was in Thessalonica and resources were low, you sent aid again and again, whenever I needed it.17 I am telling you this not because I want another gift, but I am acknowledging how much I appreciate what you have already done, and want you to experience joy and reward for your Christlike sacrifices.18 Indeed, I already have all I need, and even more, thanks to the generous gifts you have sent with Epaphroditus. Such selfless giving reveals hearts healed to be like Jesus and is exactly what God is working to accomplish in each of us. Therefore your gifts are like sweet perfume, imbuing the atmosphere with Christlike love.19 And my God will continue to provide — from the abundant riches poured out in Jesus Christ — everything you will ever need for complete healing and transformation.

20 All glory and praise and honor to our God and Father forever and ever. Amen.

21 Greet all believers with Christlike love. The brothers and sisters here in Rome send their greetings.22 And all the believers here send you their warm regards; especially those living and working in the emperor's palace.

23 May the graciousness of the Lord Jesus Christ fill your hearts and minds and permeate your entire being. Amen.