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Matthew  ◦   Chapter 7

1 "Do not be a fault finder, condemning and judgmental toward others, or you will discover that you are only exposing your own defects of character.2 For the way you treat others reveals the attributes of your own character, and the reality of your own condition is what determines your destiny.

3 "Why do you try to find the smallest defect in someone else's character but ignore the malignant pathology in your own?4 How can you possibly think you can help another remove defects in their character when all the while your character is corrupt with selfishness?5 You charlatans! Healthy interventions require healthy minds: first address the defects in your own character, and then you will have the clarity and ability to help others remove defects in theirs.

6 "Don't give your resources for spreading the Remedy to those who will waste them, and don't try to nurture with truth those who are gorging on lies lest they become enraged and attempt to destroy you.

7 "Ask for the Remedy, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the recovery door will be opened to you.8 For everyone who asks, receives; those who seek spiritual healing, find it; and to those who knock, the door of restoration will be opened.

9 "Who among you, if your child is hungry and asks for bread, will give them dirt?10 Or if your child is hungry and asks for a fish, will you give them a snake?11 If you, who are selfish, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!12 So in all things, do what is in the eternal best interest of others — just as you would have them do for you. Such love is the central truth upon which the Scripture rests.

13 "The way to heaven is through the gate built precisely upon God's law of love–God's design protocol for life. There are many theories, philosophies and teachings that are less precise and suggest a broader, less exacting road, but all such paths are incompatible with life, and they result in destruction — and far too many prefer them.14 Uncompromising is the gate and exact is the way that leads to life, and only a few find it.

15 "So be on guard against false teachers: They come to you pretending to be sheep from my flock and claiming to have my Remedy, but beneath their pretense they are destructive wolves pawning off the infection as a cure.16 Their methods will bear fruit, and from their fruit you will recognize them: grapes don’t come from thornbushes, or figs from thistles.17 Just as a good tree brings forth good fruit, and a bad tree — bad fruit, those who take my Remedy will have a mature character and will bear fruit of love. But those who take the false remedy will remain selfish, their characters will wither, and they will bear fruit of selfishness.18 The tree of love cannot produce evil, and the tree of selfishness cannot produce good.19 Every tree cut off from love cannot produce good, and therefore will be relinquished to the fire.20 Thus, by the fruits of their character you will recognize them.

21 "Not everyone who professes me as Lord will enter the heavenly kingdom of love, but only those who have partaken of the Remedy, have been healed in heart, and live in harmony with my Father who is in heaven.22 There will be many who will cry out to me that day, 'Lord, Lord, don't you remember that we preached many sermons, saying "Jesus saves," we performed exorcisms, saying "Jesus cast you out," and performed many miracles, saying, "in Jesus' name, be healed"?'23 Then I will tell them the reality of their situation: 'You never trusted me, and we were never united in heart. Depart, because you are hardened in selfishness!'

24 "So understand this: Those who hear the truth I speak, and apply it to their lives, are like the wise person who built their house upon a solid rock foundation.25 Then when it rained, and flood waters rose, and winds beat against that house, it did not fall, because it stood upon solid rock.26 But everyone who hears the truth I speak and does not apply it to their life is like the foolish person who built their house upon sand.27 Then when it rained, and flood waters rose, and the winds beat against that house, it collapsed with a loud crash."

28 The crowds were stunned and in awe after listening to Jesus speak,29 because he taught clear truths that made sense — like a person who understood the reality of the universe — and not the confusing ideas taught by the religious leaders and lawyers.