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Mark  ◦   Chapter 13

1When Jesus was leaving the temple, one of his disciples said to him, "Master, look at the Temple. Isn't it magnificent? Look at the size of the stones and the incredible stonework!"

2Jesus paused and then said, "Yes, look at all these great buildings. But I want you to understand that they will all be torn down. Not even one stone will be left upon another."

3Peter, James, John and Andrew came privately to Jesus as he was sitting on the Mount of Olives, and asked,4"When is all this destruction going to happen? And how will we know it is about to happen? What signs will let us know?"

5Jesus answered: "Keep your minds sharp so that no one deceives you.6There will be many who will come using my name or claiming to be from me, or even claiming to be 'the One;' and vast numbers of people who haven't kept their minds sharp and who don't think for themselves will be duped.7Don't think it is the end when you hear of wars and the talk of warmongers. These symptoms of selfishness will happen before the end, but the end itself comes later.8Nations and kingdoms will oppose each other vying for domination, power, and control. The biosphere will be affected, and there will be earthquakes and climate change with famines all over the world. But all of this is only the beginning of the labor pains — just the start of the pain before delivery.

9 "You must keep your minds sharp for you will be turned over to the authority of local church and state leaders, who will beat you right at their worship centers. Because you embrace me and take my Remedy to the world, you will witness the truth before governors, kings, presidents, and prime ministers.10Before the end, the Remedy must be presented to all the peoples of the world.11And when you are arrested and put on trial, don't stress over what you will say. Just speak honestly, from your heart, for the Holy Spirit will enlighten your minds and give you the words to speak.

12 "Siblings will betray each other, parents will sell out their children, and children will turn on their parents and have them executed.13Everyone who hasn't taken the Remedy will hate you, because you represent me, but whoever stands firm until the end will be saved.

14 "When you see 'the abomination that causes desolation' set up where it is never supposed to be, then the reader should know it is the time for those who are in Judea to leave the city and flee to the mountains.15Don't get caught by trying to take your possessions. If you're on the roof, don't go inside to pack your belongings, but leave immediately.16If you're already out in the country, don't go back home to get clothes.17Those days will be horrible, especially for pregnant women and nursing mothers.18Pray that it won't happen in the winter,19because this time of trouble will be the most horrible time in the history of earth — from creation until now — and never will there be such a terrible time again.20It will be so bad that if God had not intervened to shorten this troubled period, no one would survive. But for the sake of God’s chosen people — those who have elected to partake of the Remedy — he has shortened those days. 21At that time in history, if you hear reports ‘Join us, come here, the Messiah is here!’ or, ‘Look there! The Messiah, the Savior is there!’ — don’t believe it.22For false Messiahs and frauds claiming to speak for God will appear, some of whom will perform various signs or miracles that deceive all those who have not elected to take the Remedy and think for themselves.23So keep your minds sharp: I have told you all of this before it actually happens, so that you can be prepared.

24 "But in the days following all that distress, 'light from the sun and moon will no longer be seen as evidence of God's creatorship, but their light will be darkened by evolutionism. 4 This rendering is clearly interpretive, intended to cause the reader to think. Which sign would be more helpful to God's people on earth: a single day on which, in one small section of the globe, the sun and moon darken and some years later there is a meteor shower (as some Christian groups suggest), or a global change in the minds of people in which God's celestial beacons marking His Creatorship are cast aside? But, for those preferring a more traditional reading, this is an alternative rendering: "As soon as those events are over, 'the sun and moon will not give their normal light, stars will fall from the sky, and the power of heaven will be shaken.' "25The stars in heaven will be disregarded as evidence of the Creator, and the power of heaven will be shaken out of the land and out of the hearts of people.'

26 "Then, at that time in earth's history, the Son of Man will appear in the clouds, with great power and glory, and every person on earth will see him for themself.27He will send his angels to gather from all over the entire earth, sky and seas those who have elected to partake of the Remedy.

28 "Learn from what a fig tree can teach you: When it buds, and leaves appear, you know by this sign that summer is near.29Likewise, when you see the events I have described take place, know that the end is near, right at the door.30Truly, this sinful race will not pass away before all these things have happened.31Earth and its atmosphere will one day pass away, but my words will never fail to happen.

32 "I can't tell you the specific date and time when the end comes, because no one knows the date and hour; angels in heaven don't know it, nor does the Son — only the Father knows.33So keep your minds sharp! Stay on guard, for you don't know the exact time when the end will come.34Think of it like this: A man leaves his estate and puts some servants in charge, each with their assigned duties, and tells the one at the gate to keep watch for his return.

35 "So be vigilant as you watch for the master, because you don't know when he will return. Will it be in the afternoon, at midnight, or dawn?36If he arrives suddenly, don't let him find you asleep.37I am telling you what I tell everyone, 'Keep watch!' "