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Galatians  ◦   Chapter 6

1 Dear brothers and sisters, if it is discovered that someone among you is engaged in some self-destructive activity, those of you who are mature and understand how indulging the selfish nature destroys God's image within and how God longs to heal and restore us should gently lead them back to the path of health while doing all in your power to protect their reputation. And remember to be humble, lest you open yourself up to temptation.2 Do what is in the best interest of each other, including sharing each other's burdens: this is the true meaning of the law of love that emanates from the character of God.3 If anyone thinks that they are (in and of themselves) great — the model to which others should seek to attain — when in reality they are (like everyone else) infected with selfishness, fear, and character deformity, they only deceive themselves and get worse because they don’t partake of God’s free Remedy.4 Each one should honestly evaluate their own character, motives and actions, and rejoice in the healing, growth and maturity experienced as they cooperate with God, without comparing self to others,5 for each one is responsible for their own health and engagement with God in their own healing therapy.

6 Anyone who receives instructions and applies to their life the good news about God and his methods and principles will–along with their instructor–share in all good things.7 But don't delude yourselves: God cannot be tricked or fooled, and his methods cannot be evaded. A person actually reaps what they sow; a person actually receives the results of their own choices.8 The one who indulges the selfish nature will experience the natural consequences of a damaged mind — increased fear, broken relationships, separation from God, and eventual death; but the one who chooses to follow the Spirit, from the Spirit they will experience a healed mind, internal peace, unity with God, and eternal life.9 So let us never become tired of living in harmony with God's methods of goodness, for if we don't turn back to self-destructive behaviors, we will–in time–experience a bountiful harvest.10 Therefore, at every opportunity, do good; and especially do good to other Christians so that God's principles may shine brightly in the church.

11 Notice the change in handwriting, how the letters are now larger. This is because I close this letter in my own handwriting!

12 Those people who are only interested in external appearances–and not in genuine heart change–are trying to pressure you into being circumcised. They do this because they value the opinion of people more than the truth, and are afraid of criticism and persecution if they actually accept the truth Jesus revealed at the cross.13 But even those who are circumcised don't actually live their lives in harmony with the written law; they want you to be circumcised not because they care about you, but so they can brag that they have won you over and that you now follow their teaching. In other words, they want others to think they are important because they were able to convert you to their way of thinking.

14 May I never boast about, or take pride in anything except the truth about God as revealed by Christ at the cross. Ever since I have realized the truth that Christ revealed at the cross, I have lost all interest in promoting myself and don't care what the world thinks of me.15 It doesn't matter one whit whether someone is physically circumcised or not; the only thing that matters is whether the heart and mind have been recreated into Christlikeness of character.16 And all those who follow God's methods in their lives–those who comprise the true house of God–will experience God's mercy and peace.

17 In closing, don't trouble me again with ridiculous concerns about rituals and ceremonies that have no power to heal the mind and only scar the body, for my body has been scarred repeatedly by beatings for teaching the Remedy of Christ.

18 Brothers and sisters, may your minds be filled with the graciousness of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.