Ephesians  ◦   Chapter 2

1 As for you, you were terminal and dying in the distrust, fear and selfishness2 in which you used to live when you followed the survival-of-the-fittest principle of the world instituted by the ruler of the kingdom of the air–the intelligent being whose principles are now at work in all those who reject truth, love, and freedom.3 All of us also were born infected with this destructive survival-of-the-fittest principle and at one time gratified its selfish and unhealthy desires and thoughts. Like the rest of humanity, we were born infected with this principle which — if not removed — would result in our self-destruction.4 But because God is love, because he is merciful, gracious, forgiving, patient and kind, and because he truly loves us,5 he removes the infection of distrust and selfishness and heals us through Christ. It is because God is gracious, loving and kind that you have been healed and set right with him.6 God raised the human race from its degraded and detestable state through Jesus Christ's victorious life, and humanity again occupies its seat in God's heavenly counsel–in the person of Jesus Christ our Lord–7 in order that the amazing truth of God's gracious character may be showcased for all eternity through the love expressed to us in Jesus Christ.8 It is only because of God’s grace that you have been healed through trust–and you did not create this trust yourself, but it was established through the evidence of God’s character revealed in the gift of Jesus Christ.9 This is not by some human work–No way!–so there is no room for anyone to boast.10 We are God’s special creation brought to existence by Christ Jesus to showcase his character–his living law of love–which was always God’s design for us.

11 Therefore remember that you, who were born into the dark superstitions of the world, were considered "uncircumcised" by those who call themselves "the circumcised" (as they experienced bodily circumcision by human hands).12 That was before your minds were enlightened about Christ–and therefore you were separate from him–and you were not members of Israel (who was God’s spiritual health-care team), and therefore were unacquainted with God’s plan to heal and restore. Your condition was terminal, because you were without God — and therefore without hope — and in the darkness of the world.13 But now, you — whose minds were once far away, and who were practicing the principles of selfishness and survival-of-the-fittest — have been enlightened and brought near to God, and are in unity with Christ through the truth revealed when he died.

14 For Christ himself is the Remedy that heals the species and brings peace. He has removed fear and selfishness that cause division, mistrust, prejudice, and hostility.15He did this by partaking of our human condition, and–via the exercise of his human brain–he loved perfectly, thereby destroying in his flesh (in the humanity he partook) the selfish survival-of-the-fittest drive along with the lies of Satan. In this way, he destroyed the need for the law (with all its regulations) to expose Satan’s lies and methods. His purpose was to be the template of a new humanity born out of the unification of the two–our selfish, infected condition merged with his sinless state–thereby purging selfishness from the human heart, and transforming, healing, renewing, regenerating and recreating humanity back to God’s original ideal;16 and in this new being, to reconcile the human race–regardless of ethnic background–into loving unity with God and each other through the revelation of truth at the cross, by which he destroyed the lies of Satan, reestablished trust, and removed fear, selfishness, and hostility.17 He came and demonstrated the truth of God's character and the offer of peace available to all humanity–to those far away in darkness and those blessed with the truth of God's word.18 For Jesus reveals the truth about God to all, and–through what Jesus has done–all have access to the Father by one Spirit.

19 Therefore your minds are no longer confused, and you are no longer in darkness and are no longer foreigners, aliens or outcasts, but members of God's house and citizens with God's people–living components of God's heavenly sanctuary20 built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone–the source of all truth.21 In Christ, the entire structure is unified and grows to become a holy temple filled with God's Spirit, revealing God's character.22 And with your minds in harmony with Christ, you too are being healed and transformed–rebuilt to become a dwelling in whom God lives by his Spirit.