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2Timothy  ◦   Chapter 2

1 So, my son, grow stronger through the healing power that we receive when we live in unity with Christ Jesus.2 Take the healing truths you have learned from me and teach them to people who are responsible and capable of effectively teaching others.3 Remember that we are on the same team, so, as a dedicated soldier of Jesus Christ, endure with us the hardship of advancing the Remedy.4 No active duty soldier spends their energy on civilian matters, but carries out their orders to please the commander.5 Similarly, an athlete will never win a competition if they fail to exercise, work out, or operate in harmony with the laws of health.6 And it is the diligent farmer that plants, waters, fertilizes, and operates in harmony with laws of nature who receives the best crop.7 Meditate on the principles of God's kingdom I am describing, for the Lord will help you understand all of this.

8 Remember that it is Jesus, descended from David, who died, yet rose from the dead. It is for this incredible truth–this Remedy that cures death–9 that I am persecuted and imprisoned like a criminal. But the truth–the Remedy Jesus achieved–is not restrained.10 Therefore I endure all this pain for the benefit of those who will partake of the Remedy so they may obtain the healing of mind and character that comes from Jesus Christ and results in eternal righteousness.

11 This is the simple truth: If we unite with him and die to selfishness, we will be healed and live eternally with him.12 If we don't give up, he will transform us and we will also reign with him. If we reject him, he will respect our choice and let us go.13 If we are not trustworthy, he will always be trustworthy because he cannot deny himself.

14 Keep reminding the people of these truths. Invite God’s presence into your meeting and then warn the people against arguing over specific words, for there is no magic or power in specific words; but focus instead on the principles of God’s kingdom, for arguing over semantics confuses those who are listening.15 Do your best to follow the treatment plan approved by God; work hard, applying his methods without fear or insecurity, and present the Remedy effectively.16 Don’t engage in conversations that misrepresent God, as our speech reacts upon our thoughts and reinforces them, and those who indulge in such talk will become more selfish and ungodly.17 Their deadly concepts will infect minds and spread like the plague. Among the infected are Hymenaeus and Philetus.18 They have exchanged the truth for lies, and by claiming that the resurrection of the dead has already happened, are causing some to quit God’s treatment program.19 But the Remedy Christ has achieved cannot be destroyed. It is more solid than stone, and is dispensed with these words: "God knows who has been transformed into unity with him," and "Everyone who takes the Remedy will be cleansed from all selfishness and wickedness."

20 In a large house, there are not only expensive items made of crystal, silver, and gold but also inexpensive items made of wood, plastic, and steel. Some items are used in healthy activities; other items are used in destructive activities.21 If a person stops engaging in destructive activities, the Master will cleanse and heal them, and they will be useful in spreading the Remedy and in other healthy activities.

22 Turn away from the self-indulgent cravings of adolescence, and seek a mature, Christlike character, confidence in God, love and peace, uniting together with those who have partaken of the Remedy and follow the Lord with pure hearts.23 Don't participate in arguments that foolishly misrepresent God or ignorantly distort his character, because they only produce conflict and confusion.24 And remember that as an ambassador of the Lord you represent him, so you must not be combative; instead, the Lord’s ambassador must be kind to everyone, be a teacher who — like the Master — can make complex ideas simple enough that children can understand, and must never hold grudges.25 Educate gently those who don't comprehend and are standing in opposition to advancing truth. God's influence may get through to them, and they may yet understand the truth26 realize their error, and escape the trap of the devil who has captured their minds with lies so that they do his will.