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2Thessalonians  ◦   Chapter 3

1 In closing, my family, remember us when you talk with the Lord–that the Remedy may spread rapidly and be well received, just as it was with you.2 And ask the Lord to protect us from selfish and evil people, for not everyone has taken the Remedy.3 But the Lord is trustworthy, and he will solidify your character growth and protect you from Satan.4 We are confident in what the Lord is doing in you, and that you are doing everything we taught you.5 May the Lord lead your hearts and minds into the ever-increasing experience of God's love and Christ's unwavering reliability.

6In harmony with the character, principles and methods of our Lord Jesus Christ, we instruct you to cut loose those who try to attach themselves to you but refuse to contribute to their own upkeep and therefore don’t apply to their lives the treatment plan you received from us.7 You know very well how healthy it is to follow our example: we were not negligent, nor did we shirk our responsibilities when we were with you,8 or take advantage of your hospitality by accepting your food without paying for it. Oh no! We worked hard, providing for ourselves in order to be givers not takers, so we would not burden any of you.9 We did this, not because it wouldn't be acceptable as heralds of the Remedy to receive such help, but in order to demonstrate a model of living for you to follow.10We made it clear that in order to get well, you must apply the Remedy and live lives of love; so we gave you this rule: "If a person will not work, they shall not eat."

11 We hear that some of you are not contributing to your own upkeep, and instead of fulfilling your own responsibilities, you are meddling in others' lives and derailing them from their duties.12 All such people we instruct — as the Lord Jesus Christ himself would instruct — to stop these practices and do your duty, provide for yourselves, and earn your own way.

13 As for the rest of you, continue doing what is right: minister to others, but pace yourselves, and don’t burn yourselves out.14 If anyone refuses to apply this written prescription — note it, and then set therapeutic boundaries so that such a person will not feel that their misconduct is acceptable, but will be convicted, ashamed, and hopefully will reform.15So don’t treat them as enemies, but as friends in need of your loving discipline, and warn them appropriately.

16 May the Lord of tranquility give you abiding peace, rest, and serenity in every aspect of your life and being. May the Lord be with each one of you.

17 This greeting, I Paul write in my own handwriting, which is my signature and authentication in all my letters. This is how I write.18 May the loving interventions and healing presence of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.