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1Thessalonians  ◦   Chapter 3

1 When we couldn't stand to be away from you any longer, we decided to wait in Athens and2 send to you Timothy, our partner in spreading God's Remedy achieved by Christ. We sent him to strengthen your minds and increase your confidence,3 so no one will become confused or give up because of criticism, abuse, loss of job, sanction, arrest, or other affliction. You know that from the very moment we chose to accept healing, we were destined for mistreatment by those who refuse the Remedy.4 We told you many times when we were with you that we were going to be attacked, harassed and tormented, and–as you know–we have been.5 So I have been worried about you, and when I couldn't take any longer not knowing how you were, I sent Timothy to find out how you are holding up. I wanted to be sure that Satan didn't trick you into giving up on the Remedy.

6 Thankfully, Timothy has just returned and told us the good news that you are well and continue to live in love. He told us of the fond memories you have of us and how you are eager to see us, just as we can't wait to see you!7 I want you to know that it is your healing, and your confidence in God, your spiritual development that have kept us from getting discouraged through all the trials we have endured.8 Knowing that you are steadfastly growing in the Lord keeps us going.9 Words cannot express the gratitude we have to God as we rejoice in his presence over you.10 Every day and every night we ask God with all our hearts to see you again so that we can assist in your growth and add what is missing to bring you to complete maturity.

11 We pray that the Father himself and our Lord Jesus will open the way for us to come to you.12 May the tidal wave of God's love overflow your hearts, flooding your lives with love for each other and everyone else, just as our hearts overflow with love for you.13 May he solidify your character in purity and love so that you will be found Christlike in God's presence when our Lord Jesus comes back with all those in unity with him.