1st Quarter 2022: The Messages to the Hebrews

Q1 2022 coverIn This Quarter…

The portrait of Jesus, who captures the breadth and length and height and depth of God’s love for us, is our subject this quarter. And just as the image of Jesus in the eyes of the girl in the painting captured the young man’s gaze, may the image of Jesus as portrayed in Hebrews capture not just our gaze but our love and admiration for, yes, Jesus, our Brother in heaven.

Félix H. Cortez is associate professor of New Testament Literature in the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University. He is married to Alma Gloria Alvarez and has two children, Hadid, a pastor in New Jersey, and Alma, an archaeology major at Andrews University.

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Lesson Title Audio Video Notes
1 – Letter to the Hebrews and Us (Jan. 1) Class MP3Q&A #1 Class Webcast Q&A #1 PDF
2 – The Message of Hebrews (Jan. 8) Class MP3Q&A #2 Class Webcast Q&A #2 PDF
3 – The Promised Son (Jan. 15) Class MP3Q&A #3 Class Webcast
Q&A #3
4 – Jesus, Our Faithful Brother (Jan. 22) Class MP3Q&A #4 Class Webcast Q&A #4 PDF
5 – Jesus, the Giver of Rest (Jan. 29) Class MP3Q&A #5 Class Webcast Q&A #5 PDF
6 – Jesus, the Faithful Priest (Feb. 5) Class MP3Q&A #6 Class Webcast Q&A #6 PDF
7 – Jesus, the Anchor of the Soul (Feb. 12)
8 – Jesus, the Mediator of the New Covenant (Feb. 19)
9 – Jesus, the Perfect Sacrifice (Feb. 26)
10 – Jesus Opens the Way Through the Veil (Mar. 5)
11 – Jesus, Author and Perfecter of Our Faith (Mar. 12)
12 – Receiving an Unshakable Kingdom (Mar. 19)
13 – Let Brotherly Love Continue (Mar. 26)

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