Lectures & Seminars
Thu, April 12, 2018 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


As part of Hixson United Methodist Church's and Come and Reason Ministries' year-long series Mental Health Matters: Community Gatherings for Help, Hope, and Healing, Dr. Jennings will be presenting "Addictions and the Adolescent Brain," at 7:00pm on Thursday, April 12. 

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Addictions and the Adolescent Brain
Adolescence is a time of marked vulnerability to addictions. Explore the brain’s reward pathway, the healthy activities that activate this pathway, and how addictions hijack normal reward circuitry and damage the brain in youth.

Dr. Jennings will also be speaking for this series on these dates:

May 10 — The Mind: God’s Design & What Went Wrong
Aug. 13 — The Aging Brain (Copies of Dr. Jennings brand new book, The Aging Brain, will be available.)
Sept. 13 — Fix for Failing Families
Oct. 12 — The Science of Belief
Nov. 8 — Guilt Resolution
Dec. 13 — The God-Shaped Brain

Location information

Hixson United Methodist Church

Old Hixson Pike 5301
Hixson, 37343