LifeTalk Radio: Simple Solutions with Dr. Tim Jennings

altLife Talk Radio's Simple Solutions was a listener call-in talk show hosted by Charles Mills and featuring Dr. Tim Jennings, an adult Christian psychiatrist who took listener phone calls and questions on issues regarding mental health and interpersonal relationships. The show is now longer in production.

altSimple Solutions with Dr. Tim Jennings - 2010
Air Date Audio File Show Title
Jan 5 MP3 The Brain Science of ADHD
Jan 19 MP3 How to Love as God Loves
Feb 9 MP3 Evidence of God
Feb 16 MP3 Death, Dreams, and Dating
Feb 23 MP3 Ultimate Truth
Mar 2 MP3 Above The Law
Mar 9 MP3 Issues and Answers
Mar 16 MP3 Stress Head
Mar 23 MP3 Death Becomes Us
Apr 6 MP3 Attitude Adjustment
Apr 13 MP3 Sinai on the Brain
Apr 20 MP3 The Real God
Apr 27 MP3 Near Death Experiences
May 11 MP3 Graduation Exercises
May 18 MP3 Seasonal Eating
June 1 MP3 War of Mind
June 8 MP3 Anger Management
July 6 MP3 Scientific Truth
July 13 MP3 Unhealthy Attachments
Aug 10 MP3 Evidence
Aug 17 MP3 Psychiatric Medications
Aug 24 MP3 Love and Dependency 1
Aug 31 MP3 Love and Dependency 2
Sept 7 MP3 God's Use of Laws
Sept 14 MP3 Body Health & Brain Health
Sept 21 MP3 Game Plan
Oct 19 MP3 World Mental Health Issues
Oct 26 MP3 Truth
Nov 9 MP3 Love From The Inside Out
Nov 16 MP3 Chronic Pain
Nov 23 MP3 Thankfulness:  The Healing Benefits
Nov 30 MP3 Biblical Tough Nuts from the Old Testament
Dec 7 MP3 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Dec 14 MP3 Christmas and the Christian
Dec 21 MP3 SAD Christmas
Jan 4, 2011 MP3 The Power of Belief