Happy New Year!

NewsYears2018Every New Year, I hear people make resolutions in an effort to somehow improve their lives. Often these resolutions focus on changes that will move them more into harmony with the physical laws of health: exercise more, eat a healthier diet, quit smoking, etc. The New Year is a time to reflect, to examine our lives, to take an inventory of ourselves, and to ask, “How can I improve?” and, “What changes do I need to make?”

This year, though, I invite you to go deeper—to go past the physical laws of health and to move more into harmony with the design laws that govern the functioning of your heart, mind, and relationships. I invite you to discover how to make changes that will fill the void in your heart, transform how you experience the world, and empower you to be a shining beacon of love, light, and encouragement in your family and community.

Study the law of love—the principle of giving upon which life is built to operate—and ask, “Am I living in harmony with this law?” If not, what changes do you need to make to become a giver, a person who seeks to use your energy to promote the eternal best interest of others?

Contemplate the law of liberty—the design protocol upon which all healthy relationships depend (love exists only in an atmosphere of freedom)—and ask, “Am I leaving others free?” If not, what is obstructing you? What changes do you need to make to apply this law to your life?

Investigate the law of truth—the design for all healthy thinking—and ask, “Am I a lover of truth? Have I developed a mind that is open to truth, or do I deny, delay, and obstruct the truth?” If not, start each day with this prayer: “Father God, help me become a lover of the truth, to develop a mind that comprehends, appreciates, and assimilates truth at the earliest time I possibly can.”

Examine the law of worship—the principle of modeling, how we become like what we admire, esteem, value, spend time watching and doing—and ask, “Am I filling my mind with Jesus and all things heavenly?” If you want to become more like Jesus, then you must spend more time focused on Him and less time filling the mind with the entertainments of the world.

Understand the law of exertion—if you want something to get stronger, you must exercise it, because if you don’t use it, you lose it—and ask, “Am I exercising my mental faculties to reason, to comprehend, to apply truth, and to love God and others?” If you want to become stronger in these abilities, you must think, reason, and actually love other people.

Participate in the law of “restoration”—the design protocol that says finite beings, after expending energy, must rejuvenate lest they burn out from exhaustion—and ask, “Am I getting adequate mental and spiritual rest” (not mere nightly sleep)? If not, what changes do you need to make to get the rest that God designed for your well-being?

If in this New Year you would like to explore more of God’s design laws, how they work, and how to eliminate obstacles that prevent you from applying them to your life, then I invite you to read The God-Shaped Heart: How Correctly Understanding God’s Love Transforms Us. You will discover amazing insights for a new a vibrant way to live.

Don’t wait! Start a new life this New Year.