4th Quarter 2017: The Book of Romans

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Five hundred years ago this month, Martin Luther, a 33-year-old theology professor, posted his Ninety-Five Theses. And although he was seeking, at first, merely to refute a papal charlatan who was milking Luther’s flock by selling indulgences, Luther’s act of defiance became the spark that ignited the Protestant Reformation—and the world has never been the same since. Of course, much has changed since that day in 1517. But what has not changed is the Word of God and the truths in the Word that gave Luther the theological foundation to challenge Rome and to deliver to millions the great message of salvation by faith alone.

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Lesson Title Webcast Video Audio Notes
1 - The Apostle Paul in Rome (Oct. 7) YouTube MP3 PDF
2 - The Controversy (Oct. 14) YouTube MP3 PDF
3 - The Human Condition (Oct. 21) YouTube MP3 PDF
4 - Justification by Faith (Oct. 28) YouTube MP3 PDF
5 - The Faith of Abraham (Nov. 4) YouTube MP3 PDF
6 - Adam and Jesus (Nov. 11) YouTube MP3 PDF
7 - Overcoming Sin (Nov. 18) YouTube MP3 N/A
8 - Who Is the Man of Romans 7? (Nov. 25) YouTube MP3 PDF
9 - No Condemnation (Dec. 2) YouTube MP3 PDF
10 - Children of the Promise (Dec. 9) YouTube MP3 PDF
11 - The Elect (Dec. 16) YouTube MP3 PDF
12 - Overcoming Evil With Good (Dec, 23)
13 - Christian Living (Dec.30)